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3D-solutions was founded in 2020 as a partner for 3DMaterials;a webshop for 3D printers and filaments.

Where 3DMaterials is selling 3D printers and materials, 3D-solutions 

focuses on 3D printing as a service.

Although many people know 3D printing, a few want to invest in a printer of their own.  This is where 3D-solutions comes in the picture. We aim to provide easy and affordable 3D prints for individuals and small businesses alike.

3D printer

Our Mission

3D printing for everyone

Core Values


We follow the latest developments and test every printer or material before we use it for a customer. 


Our services are divided in 3D modelling, 3D printing and after care of the prints.


Just send mail with your idea, even with file if possible and we can give you the right advise / quote.

Upload - approve - print - send.

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